Founded in 1983, SAWS is celebrating its 31st year of existence. SAWS is a non-profit Society located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Its mandate is to promote fine woodworking to the public and to raise interest in SAWS by encouraging membership.

April 2014 - 2x4 Challenge

Wednesday April 16, 2014, 7:00 pm
Scarboro Community Centre Hall

The 2X4 Challenge is designed to test your creativity, woodworking prowess and have some fun.

The rules are simple; design and make a project from the amount of wood that is in a 2” x 4” x 8’ (768 cubic inches). A 2X4 can be used, or the wood equal to that of a 2X4. That being said, if there are components that are larger than what can come out of a 2X4 they should be constructed as such (i.e., an 8” wide panel should be glued up from at least a pair of 4” boards).

The objective is to use a single species of wood for your project, however a second species can be added for highlighting, but should not make up more than 10% of the finished project. The use of metal fasteners where appropriate, fabric for upholstery and such is permitted.

Finished projects will be presented at the April 2014 SAWS meeting and will be judged by the members present. Prizes available to be won include: a SAWS membership for next year, a catalogue from the previous exhibition, and a SAWS golf shirt. First place will receive first choice; second place will have second choice, etc.

This is meant to be a fun challenge and is open to all SAWS members of all skill levels.

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